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The Best Age for Orthodontics

At the age of seven the development of the jaws and teeth are at a critical stage. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends examination at this age as it can screen for existing or potential conditions that may not be conducive to normal growth and development.

Best Age for Braces

Treatment at this age may be indicated for the following reasons:

To influence jaw growth in a positive manner

To reduce the need to extract permanent teeth

To reduce the need for jaw surgery

To lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth

To correct harmful oral habits

To improve esthetics and self esteem


While treatment at a young age can produce wonderful changes, for the majority of children observation is probably all that is needed.

However, there is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. Doctor Getchell sees many adults who seek care for improving their appearance or for health reasons. Thirty percent of all our orthodontic patients are adults.

Advanced Orthodontic Technology

The modern technologies that we now use promote more gentle, longer lasting pressures that move teeth more efficiently. This allows for follow up appointments that can be spaced further apart and for less discomfort. These modern advances have made orthodontics more readily accepted by children and adults.

Clarity Advanced Cosmetic Braces

Invisible (Clear) Braces

Understanding that each patient has specific needs and desires we offer both traditional and ceramic (clear) braces. Unlike their predecessors, modern clear braces do not stain. These new invisible brackets function exactly as their traditional metal counterparts do.

Certified Invisalign Provider


In addition, Doctor Getchell is certified in the Invisalign technique, and was one of the earlier adopters of this system. With Invisalign we can produce nice results without the social inconvenience that comes with conventional braces. This system uses invisible, removable "aligners".

Safe Orthodontic Care

In our office the most strict guidelines for sterilization of all materials and instruments are followed. We would never even consider recycling braces between patients.

Exceptional Smiles, Compassionate Care